• 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 8 – 36 Hertz Mega Pack

    36 Hertz Recordings are pleased to bring you the next installment in our range of sample packs.

    Compiled by DJ Vapour from the 36 Hertz archive as well as a collection of brand new sounds and styles this pack contains everything you need to get your very own 36 Hertz release ready to go.
    These 100% royalty free samples are yours to use as you see fit in your own productions. This pack contains all you need to get started when making Drum and Bass. Big bass hits, tearing breaks, out of this world fx and much more are here with some solid kicks and sparkling percussion. Make this pack an addition to your sound library today and give your tracks a boost!


    15 Bass Hits, 20 Drum Loops, 15 Sound FX, 15 Kicks, 15 Synth Leads, 15 Percussion Hits, 15 Snares, 15 Stabs, 15 Vocals.

    Format :Mono – 44.1 16bit WAV.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 8 – 36 Hertz Mega Pack

  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 7 – DJ Vapour Samples

    After locking himself away in the 36 Hertz studio DJ Vapour has finally finished his latest sample pack offering !

    This collection of samples contains some sure fire production winners for you to use in your tracks, 100% Royalty Free !

    Vapour gives up some of his drums from past releases along with classic breaks given that 36 Hertz flavor bringing them up to date and ready to rock again. Over 300 samples of cone wobbling bass hits, searing synths and heavy hitting drums are waiting for you to fire up your sequencer and get writing the next dance floor smasher !

    Pack Contents: 36 Bass Hits, 36 Drum Loops, 36 Kick drums, 36 Percussion sounds, 36 Snare drums, 36 Synth Hits, 36 Sound FX, 36 String samples and 36 Synth loops in Mono Wav format, suitable for most software applications, including Cubase, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Studio One and more.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 7 – DJ Vapour Samples

  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 6 – Ultimate Old Skool

    Old Skool lovers are in for a treat with this installment of our sample packs. Containing over 300 samples this pack will bring fond memories for some of you and should inspire you to try and capture some of the vibe that is often lacking in today’s tunes.

    Compiled here is the ultimate collection of never released before old skool samples.

    We have scoured the studios synths and raided the classic vinyl and sourced a huge collection of all those classic sounds from the early 90’s

    This is the ultimate old skool sample pack for the producer who is looking for the perfect collection of old skool sounds

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 6 – Ultimate Old Skool

  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 5 – Sounds For Massive

    This time we bring you presets for the amazing synth plugin, Massive, by Native Instruments. Containing 50 sounds for your synth including pads, leads and bass sounds. Plenty of sounds to get the creative juices flowing and help inspire you with your productions.

    Representing outstanding value for money, this welcome addition to anyone’s sound arsenal will help you take it to the next level.

    Requires Native Instruments Massive.


    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 5 – Sounds For Massive

  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 4 – Vintage

    The next installment in the 36 Hertz Sample pack range. This time it’s a look back on some of the awesome hardware available in recent years and includes samples taken from the legendary Roland u220 synth among many others.

    Containing over 200 samples, in Mono .Wav format suitable for most audio software including 36 Bass Samples, 36 Breaks, 36 Hoovers, 36 Sound FX, 36 Synth Stabs and 36 String/Pad Samples. that’s 36 of everything just for the 36 Hertz sample pack series!

    If you want your productions to stand apart from the rest then this is the pack for you as these classic Vintage analogue sounds will give your productions a warmth that is missing from most modern productions.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 4 – Vintage

  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 3 – Stabs

    Looking for the killer intro hook sound?

    Then look no further as this pack has been lovingly created using the 36 Hertz studios army of hardware synthesis ready for your productions.

    250 heavyweight stabs fill this pack for you to manipulate for your tracks. whether its a intro stab or a progression sound you want then this is the pack to buy

    All containing that classic analogue “Warmth” that is sadly missing from most of today’s sample pack release’s with this pack you can set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd

    250 Royalty free 16 bit Mono Wav format stab samples. Suitable for most music software.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 3 – Stabs

  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 2 – FX and Atmos

    Straight out of the 36 Hertz studios these FX and atmosphere sounds are what you are looking for to help build the suspense in your tracks.

    Created using various hardware synths and sampled from live recordings as well as a host of other sources this is a collection of FX and Atmosphere sounds that will help you create that killer sound to work into your track

    Whether its and intro your working on or maybe a bit of incidental music for a film or TV project this pack is for you.

    With deep and dark sounds and noises you will be able to find a use for every sound in this pack if you are looking for something to add some substance to your recordings

    250 royalty free 16 Bit  Wavs. Suitable for most music software.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 2 – FX and Atmos

  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 1 – Strings and Pads

    First up in the 36 Hertz sample series is a sample pack for those of you who are looking for those killer deep strings and pads for your tracks.

    Created using synths from the 36 Hertz studios including – Roland JV1080, Roland JV2080, Roland U220, Novation mininova and Emu orbit to name but a few.

    These are not the same old soft synth based samples that you will find on 99% of new release sample packs but are all lovingly created by hand using the best of analog sound equipment.

    If you are looking for those pads that you used to hear back in the day before the soft synth sound flooded the market a few years ago then this pack is for you.

    As these are created using synths they are nice long samples – great for resampling and playing long pad or string sections rather than the usual 2 second sampled off of a dusty old record sounds that are common place on many other sample packs.

    250 royalty free Samples in 16 Bit Wav format, compatible with most music software.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 1 – Strings and Pads