36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 10 – DJ Vapour Breaks

36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 10 – DJ Vapour Breaks

DJ Vapour Breaks  showcases a huge collection of breaks not only from DJ Vapours own project files but also a collection of exclusive brand new beats.

“The one thing that im asked about time and time again on my travels is about beat production so the idea for a pure break based sample pack built around my own tunes took shape. I went through the last 5 years of project files and tore out the breaks and layers of breaks from all of my favorite tracks that i made over the years. Included is the breaks and breakbeat layers from most of my most well known tracks from over the years and also the beats and layer breaks from tons of unreleased dubplate tracks that i never released.”

This pack contains over 100 ready to use breakbeats all looped and chopped perfectly as .WAV files, also included is perfectly sliced .REX files of all of the breaks so you dont even have to waste your time chopping them up!

This pack serves as not only a great production tool for your own tracks but also as a learning tool so you are able to hear and see how those elusive “layer” breaks are EQ’d in commercially released DNB tracks.

With breaks included from tunes released on such labels as 36 Hertz, 31 records, Inneractive, critical, Dread recordings, Rufige, CIA, Mac 2, Stepback sessions and many more you can get a great insight into how to create breaks on commercially released tracks.

Not only great for learning EQing skills from these killer breaks are all royalty free and ready to be used in your own tunes so you can get release ready breaks right from the word go!

All these breaks have been lovingly EQ’d and bounced using Vapour’s analogue hardware based studio and sound phat and fresh

Contents: 136 Breakbeats + 136 Rex loops

Format :Stereo – 44.1 16bit WAV.

Check out the demo track featuring a small selection of these breaks (Please note the string sample in the demo track is not part of the pack or included on the breaks)

36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 10 – DJ Vapour Breaks