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  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 14 – Stabs Vol 2

    Following on from the hugely successful Stabs Vol 1 Sample pack we have unleashed part 2. Split into 2 folders for your consumption this pack offers a huge choice of styles and sounds

    Chord stabs folder:

    This folder contains various chord progressions using a combination of VST synth’s and Hardware Synths to give a more varied sound scope and plenty to choose from.

    Careful consideration went into choosing the right chord for the sound as to remain usable while going up and down the key range.

    Emu Orbit Stabs folder:

    The Emu Orbit 9090 V2 “Dance Planet” was a module released in the 90’s and was used on so many records from that era It’s like a beautiful nostalgia machine! Classic stabs, hits and some amazing pads all encased in a sleek gold 1u unit

    Ive gone through and picked some classics and some obscure sounds for your enjoyment and there’s still plenty more sounds in there if this pack is popular enough we will certainly be making more.

    Note: drums in the audio demo are not included in this pack and are for demo purpose only the break used is of course available in the “DJ Vapour breaks” pack also available in our store.


  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 2 – FX and Atmos

    Straight out of the 36 Hertz studios these FX and atmosphere sounds are what you are looking for to help build the suspense in your tracks.

    Created using various hardware synths and sampled from live recordings as well as a host of other sources this is a collection of FX and Atmosphere sounds that will help you create that killer sound to work into your track

    Whether its and intro your working on or maybe a bit of incidental music for a film or TV project this pack is for you.

    With deep and dark sounds and noises you will be able to find a use for every sound in this pack if you are looking for something to add some substance to your recordings

    250 royalty free 16 Bit  Wavs. Suitable for most music software.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 2 – FX and Atmos