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  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 11 – Distortion

    36 Hertz Sample pack Vol 11 is here!

    Distortion has always featured heavily in Drum N Bass / Jungle and we thought it time to unleash some distortion on your production with the release of our brand new distortion sample pack.

    To keep this sample pack gritty and prominent some old school emulation was needed.

    Synths used were the Oddity and the impOSCAR which emulate classic Analog synths which were then run through Ohmnicide to keep control of how much distortion was added as not to make each sound un-usable.

    Ohmnicide allows multi-band distortion which enable several ranges of the sounds frequency range could be manipulated separately allowing for some crazy distortion layers.

    The drums were split into separate channels for each hit which were then each individually distorted with their own distortion settings.

    A little Delay was used on some sounds (mostly effects) and for that I used the Classic Delay Vst plug in.

    FX sounds were created using a Theramin emulator for some more whacky and unpredictable sound’s

    Contents: 144 sounds (Bass / Fx / Stings / Pads / Synths) 36 breaks (Wav and Rex)

    Format :Stereo – 44.1 16bit WAV

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 11 – Distortion