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  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 1 – Strings and Pads

    First up in the 36 Hertz sample series is a sample pack for those of you who are looking for those killer deep strings and pads for your tracks.

    Created using synths from the 36 Hertz studios including – Roland JV1080, Roland JV2080, Roland U220, Novation mininova and Emu orbit to name but a few.

    These are not the same old soft synth based samples that you will find on 99% of new release sample packs but are all lovingly created by hand using the best of analog sound equipment.

    If you are looking for those pads that you used to hear back in the day before the soft synth sound flooded the market a few years ago then this pack is for you.

    As these are created using synths they are nice long samples – great for resampling and playing long pad or string sections rather than the usual 2 second sampled off of a dusty old record sounds that are common place on many other sample packs.

    250 royalty free Samples in 16 Bit Wav format, compatible with most music software.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 1 – Strings and Pads