DJ Vapour – 90s Jump up mix – Download now

DJ Vapour – 90s Jump up mix – Download now

If you went out raving at DNB nights in the mid 90s then you will want to check out the latest studio mix DJ Vapour has uploaded…
Back in the 90s clubs were dark dank places that stank of skunk weed and you would have no choice but to pay £5 for a warm can of Redstripe. Whistles and horns would blast and lighters would be thrust into the air, Tunes would be rewound 5 times and MCs would let the tune breath. Jump up was a different thing to what it is today with labels such as Urban Takeover, Ganja and Trouble on vinyl ruled the scene with bass heavy tracks that would tear the rave to bits. I spent many years trekking to raves such as Warning and One nation and this mix celebrates the tracks I heard over this period.


Prisoners of technology – Battlemaster
Roni Size – Trust me
Mulder – Don’t believe
Mask and Swabe – Cash til
A sides – Punks
DJ Red – Enta Da Dragon
DJ Hype – Pum pum mus smoke ganja
Asend & Ultravibe – Real Love
IQ Collective – Mode one
Mask – Square off
Blackstreet – No diggity (Micky Finn & Aphrodite remix)
Shy FX – Wolf
Tribe of issacher – His imperial majesty
Vinyl Syndicate – Man of steel
The X – New dawn (Remix)
Roni Size – Windrush
DJ Red – Uprise
DJ Hype – Peace love & Unity
Gang related & Mask – Ready or not
DJ Zinc – Super sharp shooter (Remix)
The terrorist – Chopper (Shy FX Remix)
Trend – 2 Degrees
Roni Size – 26 Bass
Mampi Swift – The one
DJ Zinc – No Fear
Aphrodite & Micky Finn – Bad ass
Rude Bwoy Monty – Warp 10
2Vibe & Eps – Hype The Funk
Moving Fusion – Turbulance
Mask – Splurt
Lion of judah – Emperor selassie I ( L Double Remix)
Mampi Swift – Load

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