36 Hertz recordings is always happy to accept demos from producers. Please do take note of the following info when submitting your tracks:

1 – Please take a moment to think about the material you are sending – Does it fit in with the style of the label? Is it a genre that we release?
2 – No more than 4 tracks at a time
3 – High quality only – Minimum 320KPS MP3 or Wav only – No Flacs or AIFF files please
4 – Name them correctly – Artist & Track title on each track please
5 – Include a .TXT File with your contact info – Name, Email, Phone
6 – Put them in a folder then zip the folder up and send us the compressed .ZIP file

For material to be considered for release on 36 Hertz recordings it needs to not have been sent to 100+ other labels at the same time.

We do not sign music that has been uploaded to your Soundcloud page publicly for 6 months or uploaded to Youtube channels.

We get sent about 10 tracks a week that contain nothing but samples from the latest best selling sample pack (Yawn) – We are looking for originality and not a jigsaw puzzle made up from commercially available sample packs (36 Hertz sample packs included)

How to send:

Once you have created your .ZIP file with you tracks and contact info as detailed above then please upload to We Transfer Once you have uploaded your folder simply fill in the form below pasting the download link into the box entitled “We Transfer Link” and submitting the other required information.

We only accept demos sent via We Transfer and any other links will be ignored.

Due to the high volume of demos we get sent it is impossible to send feedback for every one – If we like your tracks we will get back to you via the contact information you provided.

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