Sub Fusion


A chance meeting from sharing a minibus to the Homelands music festival in 2001 saw DJ Vapour and Era strike up a friendship that lead to a discovery of a mutual love of underground music.

Both keen and successful producers with their own solo projects and aliases the guys both took a keen interest in the “J Tek” sound that started emerge and used it as an excuse to join forces and create the “Motion EP” under the Sub Fusion guise. The EP then went on to be released on the Top Drawer Digital label and was a great success.

The guys continued to work together on other various genres and styles but the Sub Fusion name remained dormant until early 2015 when they decided to restart the project with the intent of focusing on the emerging Flashback genre. Now working on new material for 36 Hertz recordings and other labels Vapour and Era have both been really hyped about getting the project up and running again as well as taking the Sub Fusion name out on the road in the future.