Indigo Virus


A keen interest in computer game soundtracks lead to Brett aka Indigo virus to discover artists such as The prodigy, Aphex twin and Photek back in the mid 90’s. After saving up for hardware sequencer and keyboard Indigo Virus began making music inspired by the tracks he was hearing on computer game soundtracks.

Locking himself away from the outside world as it held no interest for him he began making Trance and Techno and learning the fundamentals behind these styles of music and began forming a bond with these electronic instruments. With a strong love for hardware he saved and purchased many of the classics from the Roland TR-808 and 909 through to the SH-101, Juno-106 , JP-8000 , Nord Lead 2 ,Micro Q and many more.

For years the music library he created was shared among friends and still resides on his hard-drives ready to be torn apart and re-created.

Since Indigo Virus was Based in Berkshire he decided to start going to some of the local drum and bass nights and a chance meeting in Newbury he met 36 Hertz owner DJ Vapour.

With a mutual love for music and gear Vapour helped Brett delve further into production and sampling, opening a new world to software sequencing and sound shaping. with help from DJ Vapour, Indigo Virus began shaping his sound and resting his roots into the Flashback/Oldskool sound. This is where he feels most inspired , as He can take the perfect tempo of 140 and add everything he loves from heavy beats to speaker killing bass and euphoric pads

Using his love and knowledge of hardware synthesizers Indigo Virus is working hard on the Flashback concept and taking it into the future.
Now realizing his full potential thanks to Vapour and the 36 Hertz label Indigo Virus will be unleashed into peoples sound systems in a furious manner.