Era is a new project from Paul Mulholland, otherwise known as Skink and the songwriter and guitarist of the band Enrosadira. Hailing from rural Wiltshire, he is an accomplished musician and producer/engineer. Having played numerous roles in bands switching between guitar, drums and keyboards of various of descriptions.

His journey into sound started twenty one years ago, when he found mixtapes from The Edge in Coventry. (Randall, Grooverider & Top Buzz if at all curious…) After many hours listening and being enthralled with mutant alien sounds he knew what he had to do. This is how music becomes a life’s work. Many years of writing, practicing, producing and gigging followed. The big break never seemed to happen though, never really finding somewhere he could properly express himself. Many styles were experimented with, a lot of ground was covered and a lot was learned. It is this range that he brings with him that makes the Era sound. Needless to say the range of music he listens to is very diverse. In this sphere of the music world the music of 4 Hero, Foul Play, Coolhand Flex are standout names and in broader sense the labels Reinforced, Moving Shadow, Basement and Suburban Base have had a massive impact also. Outside of this sphere the music of John and Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra and This Heat are hugely important. Of course there is a lot more but we would be here all day.

Starting to experiment with the “J Tek” Sound as one half of the Sub Fusion group with DJ Vapour lead Skink to start producing his own old skool inspired tracks under both the Skink and Era names with remixes and release’s on 36 Hertz and also Top drawer digital. Now working on Flashback material solely under the Era production moniker Paul is building a new analogue studio and working firmly on a new chapter of his musical journey.