Delphi Productions


Delphi Productions is an electronic music producer from Nottingham, UK. His earliest influences come from listening to the jungle/DNB scene especially music on Radio 1 and pirate stations.

Having learned to produce using basic studio hardware, he studied Sound Engineering and began working with bands and vocalists.

His first release included a drum and bass remix for Glidascope’s ‘Big Big Disgrace’ as part of an online contest. He also reached the finals of the LiquidFunk DJ competition and more recently Valve Records Leeds contest in 2014. He also supported band Pitchshifter as part of their hometown gig at Rock City.

As a producer Delphi received feedback from Ray Keith on his early demos. Early tracks “Somethin’ Else”, “The Snypa” and “The Piano Man” where subsequently signed to Rock the Dub in the US. Dan miracle passed on some of his unsigned tracks to DJ Vapour which lead to him working with 36 Hertz recordings.

With his tracks picking up plays from some of the DNB scenes biggest DJ’s his music has been played on BBC 1Xtra and BBC Introducing.

36Hertz Recordings has singed some of his biggest tunes to date, with releases including “All It Takes”, the jazz influenced “Break It Down” and remix of ESP’s ‘Spread Luv’ amongst others. His other projects include producing in genres as diverse as grime, RNB, soul, ambient and even television soundtracks.