36HTZ080 – Sub Fusion – Empty Warehouses

36HTZ080 – Sub Fusion – Empty Warehouses

With a few years drifting past since Sub Fusion last dropped a release you could Say the Sub Fusion project is something of a slow burner to say the least!.

36 Hertz recordings label owner and long time studio partner Era like to take their time with the Sub fusion project, concentrating on a quality over quantity mantra with the releases and making tracks as and when time can be found naturally rather than pushing out track after track.

This EP is the culmination of over 12 months worth of studio sessions and sample hunting to create once again something that sounds like 1992 but with the modern production of today.

If you love the Rave era sounds of the 1990’s then this EP will sit perfectly with you tastes.

Head on over to our Bandcamp page to pick up your copy: http://bit.ly/2FnogtO

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