36HTZ075 – Vince Rollin – Deep State EP – OUT NOW

36HTZ075 – Vince Rollin – Deep State EP – OUT NOW

Having popped up in the past as a remixer on 36 hertz recordings Vince rollin makes his debut as a solo artist with a six track EP of mixed flavors.

Switching between Flashback style old skool, Jungle and DNB this EP showcases Vince’s skills as a varied producer able to throw out many styles of music.

With the three DNB tracks moving around all corners of the styles spectrum from the liquid sounds of The calling bouncing through to the stepping Defect or round to the tech step sounding Black out you can hear Vince draws influence from all areas of the scene and beyond.

Moving into the Old skool inspired Flash back and Jungle tracks you can once again hear inspiration drawn from all depths of the Old skool and Jungle genres.

This EP serves to be as devastating on the dance floor as it is as a home listening experience and cements Vince Rollin as a firm fixture on the 36 Hertz label.

Available to purchase direct from 36 Hertz on Bandcamp here – CLICK ME

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