36HTZ064 – DJ Vapour – Vicious / Turn Up – OUT NOW

36HTZ064 – DJ Vapour – Vicious / Turn Up – OUT NOW

Yet more speaker destruction antics from 36 Hertz boss DJ Vapour in the shape of the 64th Release on his 36 Hertz imprint. Opening up with Vicious this track is certainly that with twisted vocals building the track up to a drop designed to rattle the fillings out of your teeth. The track continues to develop through to the second drop where the bass takes a trip in a different direction to really cause even the best sound systems to choke up on the low frequencies.

Turning it over (and turning it up) we hit the flip with Turn up moving in a more Ragga direction with natty bass cutting through the intro dance hall breaks before smashing into the drop with heavy effect. The track pushes through to some nice relaxing (Not!) Pads which slow the vibe down for a brief time until the track bursts back into life with even more fun!

Grab a copy direct from 36 Hertz here – CLICK ME

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