36HTZ062 – SR – Forgotten Era EP – Out Now

36HTZ062 – SR – Forgotten Era EP – Out Now

With Digbee still locked in the cuboard for eating the last Rolo in the studio SR branches out with yet another solo effort (We will have to have a look and see if SR has any areas of freshly dug dirt in his garden if Digbee is missing for much longer) Comprising of 4 Flashback style monsters showcasing his love for the sounds from the early 90s

Taking a trip through the BPMs the EP shows off styles from Hardcore through to early Jungle flavors. This EP will easily put a smile on the face of anyone who spent their early 90s in dark warehouses with large soundsystems

We do miss Digbee but to be honest if SR keeps making tunes like this without his help then we might just have to bury him in the garden ourselves.

Available to purchase in the 36 Hertz store HERE

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