36HTZ053 – Jem One – Underground

36HTZ053 – Jem One – Underground

One of the longest serving 36 Hertz soldiers returns with yet another slice of hard hitting Amen fueled Flashback beats. Drawing influence from the early 90s free party scene Jem one shapes old with new to create an EP that delivers some serious earthquake tracks.

Spiral tribe kicks things off with deep pads merged with stepping breakbeats before breaking down to some sub bass action. The drop rips the track open to showcase some jungle vibes with lashing amens.

Helter skelter drops break edits galore to build up to the introduction of some classic sounding mentasm hits. More smashing breaks help the bass the cut through even the worst sound system.

Opening with chopped breaks Knife edge rolls through to a heavy weight drop that brings the track through to a second drop that switches out to some superb timestretched breaks.

Deep filtered strings kick off SAR that fuses with some deep stab samples before a classic helicopter break work out takes the track to the first drop. Fans of 90s hardstep flavors will love the way the track switches after the drop making way for some sub bass carnage.

Available to purchase now from the 36 Hertz store – CLICK HERE

Also available to purchase and stream from Juno download, iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and more

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