36HTZ051 – Indigo Virus – Machine Language

36HTZ051 – Indigo Virus – Machine Language

Indigo Virus is back with yet another killer Flashback EP for 36 Hertz Recordings

Surreal kicks off with snapping breaks layered with sublime vocal wails building into Reece layers that build up to a sub bass smashing in on the drop.

Taking things deeper Lost at sea opens up with filtered pads and stabs that lead the track into rolling breaks and some wall shaking bass.

Orbit kicks things off with deep FX sounds and more lush deep pads before opening into 4×4 breaks layered with light breaks. The tune breaks down into a deep growling bass before picking up the pace as the track builds.

Slo-Mo kicks off with gated pads and stuttered breaks before bringing in the bass tones which call and respond with some aggressive stabs

Available to purchase now from the 36 Hertz store – CLICK HERE

Also available to purchase and stream from Juno download, iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and more

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