36HTZ049 – DJ Vapour – The Obnoxious EP

36HTZ049 – DJ Vapour – The Obnoxious EP

Only 1 release away from the big 50 36 hertz drops a slice of vintage Jungle fashion with The Obnoxious EP from 36 Hertz label owner DJ Vapour.

Opening things up title track Obnoxious wastes no time in giving your speakers a test
with some deep and dark sub bass mixed with some classic amen mayhem.

Shottas is a revisit of an older Vapour track that has been smashed into a 90s Jungle fashion.
Borrowing from the original and slowing things down tempo wise to fuse DNB into Jungle.

Stepping into Street Knowledge deep pads and vocals open up the track before introducing a
savage breakbeat assult that draws into a 2nd drop switch up that causes even more mayhem.

Search for secrets draws the EP to a close with a deeper vibe that fuses stepping breaks and
sub low bass tones.

Available to purchase now from the 36 Hertz store – CLICK HERE

Also available to purchase and stream from Juno download, iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and more

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