36 HTZ047 – Flat T – Another Way

36 HTZ047 – Flat T – Another Way

Fresh from the success of his debut LP on Fatman D’s Biological beats Flat T drops his first release on 36 Hertz.

Lowestoft’s Flat T has been making serious waves through the DNB scene since his first release in 2009 which led onto him signing with Fatman D’s
Biological beats Label where he recently released his first LP “The Pilgrimage”

With support from DJ’s such as Randall, Andy C, DJ Hype and many more It was not long before 36 Hertz picked up on his tracks and signed two of his jungle style rollers for release.

Another way has already been gaining huge support with DJ Randall Featuring the track heavily in his sets. Fans of rolling tunes with nasty
bass will love this dance floor destroyer.

Warlords shows a slightly deeper style with a deep string led intro dropping into a stepping track with a haunting bass lead.

Available to purchase now from the 36 Hertz store – CLICK HERE

Also available to purchase and stream from Juno download, iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and more

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