36HTZ080 – Sub Fusion – Empty Warehouses

With a few years drifting past since Sub Fusion last dropped a release you could Say the Sub Fusion... read more

36HTZ079 – Jem One – The Sound Of Silence

Having secured releases on some of the biggest DNB labels through 2018 including a forthcoming release with the mighty... read more

36HTZLP013 – Back to the bass Vol 5

Containing 14 certified dance floor killers from DJ Vapour, Jem One, Coolhand Flex, NC17, Vince Rollin, Fringe, SR, Delphi Productions,... read more

36HTZ078 – DJ Vapour – On the Fence / Intergalactic Space Robots – OUT NOW

36 Hertz label owner DJ Vapour quickly returns from his last release with yet another smoking hot two track... read more

36HTZ077 – Indigo Virus – Neophyte – OUT NOW

Following on from the monster “Repetitive beats” EP on 36 Hertz, Indigo Virus has been busy with a whole... read more

36HTZ076 – DJ vapour – Nine Four Style / Do You Want Me – OUT NOW

Label bossman DJ Vapour drops back into the release schedule with a two track release of earthquake heavy basslines. ... read more

36HTZ075 – Vince Rollin – Deep State EP – OUT NOW

Having popped up in the past as a remixer on 36 hertz recordings Vince rollin makes his debut as... read more

LTD Edition Jem One Vinyl – Pre Order Now

Due to popular demand we have set up a vinyl pre order for a limited edition Jem One vinyl... read more


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Latest Merchandise


  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 14 – Stabs Vol 2

    Following on from the hugely successful Stabs Vol 1 Sample pack we have unleashed part 2. Split into 2 folders for your consumption this pack offers a huge choice of styles and sounds

    Chord stabs folder:

    This folder contains various chord progressions using a combination of VST synth’s and Hardware Synths to give a more varied sound scope and plenty to choose from.

    Careful consideration went into choosing the right chord for the sound as to remain usable while going up and down the key range.

    Emu Orbit Stabs folder:

    The Emu Orbit 9090 V2 “Dance Planet” was a module released in the 90’s and was used on so many records from that era It’s like a beautiful nostalgia machine! Classic stabs, hits and some amazing pads all encased in a sleek gold 1u unit

    Ive gone through and picked some classics and some obscure sounds for your enjoyment and there’s still plenty more sounds in there if this pack is popular enough we will certainly be making more.

    Note: drums in the audio demo are not included in this pack and are for demo purpose only the break used is of course available in the “DJ Vapour breaks” pack also available in our store.


  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 12 – DJ Vapour Z3TA DNB Presets

    With the original Z3ta Synth being a firm favorite with DNB producers around the world , much interest was raised when Z3ta+2 was released.

    Showcasing a massively editable library of sounds this soft synth proved to be a great work horse and is hugely popular with DNB and Jungle producers.

    DJ Vapour has crafted this great pack of presets for use with your own copy of Z3ta+2

    Containing 50 presets showcasing everything from bass lines to leads Vapour has created a full circumference of sounds ready for you to use in your productions.

    If you want a killer pack of sounds for your synth for a great price then look no further!

    Note: Drum Breaks in the demo track are not part of this pack – they are available as part of the DJ Vapour breaks sample pack also available in our store.

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 12 – DJ Vapour Z3TA DNB Presets

  • 36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 11 – Distortion

    36 Hertz Sample pack Vol 11 is here!

    Distortion has always featured heavily in Drum N Bass / Jungle and we thought it time to unleash some distortion on your production with the release of our brand new distortion sample pack.

    To keep this sample pack gritty and prominent some old school emulation was needed.

    Synths used were the Oddity and the impOSCAR which emulate classic Analog synths which were then run through Ohmnicide to keep control of how much distortion was added as not to make each sound un-usable.

    Ohmnicide allows multi-band distortion which enable several ranges of the sounds frequency range could be manipulated separately allowing for some crazy distortion layers.

    The drums were split into separate channels for each hit which were then each individually distorted with their own distortion settings.

    A little Delay was used on some sounds (mostly effects) and for that I used the Classic Delay Vst plug in.

    FX sounds were created using a Theramin emulator for some more whacky and unpredictable sound’s

    Contents: 144 sounds (Bass / Fx / Stings / Pads / Synths) 36 breaks (Wav and Rex)

    Format :Stereo – 44.1 16bit WAV

    36 Hertz Sample Pack Vol 11 – Distortion